Enterprise Resource Planning

Any enterprise requires focusing on its core business rather than its Information Systems and IT Services Group. We enable enterprises to focus on the business growth related initiatives and not lock up its key resources in the maintenance of the key systems. We undertake strategic consulting to facilitate improvements in the effectiveness of IT Systems and IT Services.
Application Development and Maintenance Services offers the design and development of new application features at a reduced cost. We offer migration services from legacy systems to next generation systems and platforms. We manage mission critical business process improvements at a reduced cost.


Business Intelligence (BI) incorporates an extensive variety of utilizations, practices, and advances for the extraction, interpretation, mix, investigation and presentation of information to backing enhanced choice making". It is essential to note that BI is not simply innovation. It is individuals, practices and advances meeting up with the goal that associations can settle on better choices on a normal premise.


Helishores offers a great validation consultants related to Compute system validation, medical devices, infrastructure, equipment, and method validation. Our well trained consultants are expertise in identifying the issues, performing risk assessments, authoring the documents, providing approvals and helping the respective stake holders to document as respect to the validation SDLC procedures.


Helishores has innovative testers to execute the scripts be manual or automation using their skill set of programming queries and document the scripts and ensure the requirements are successfully tested and get it them approved.


Being a part of Helishores provides a steady stream of clients and shares some of firms contact and resources for regulatory affairs which is beneficial. We focus on Drugs Development, Medical devices and biologics inclusive with the FDA. Well established and trusted by the pharmaceutical, medical device for its efficacious and very much effective for Regulatory work.